Thoughts on Being An Adult From An Eighteen Year Old

1edeac16624576f502859248e4f1e2ca.jpgAhhhh! Being an adult.  I looked forward to this stage for so long. Sure, I would buy a car, go to college, get a boyfriend. Life would be great. Just me and the happy freedom that adulthood provides. Yet now that I have reached this mystical stage in life, I find that the freedoms I so eagerly anticipated come with a price.  My savings are ever dwindling and my car yet again needs a new part. Insurance, taxes, gas, RESPONSIBILITY…

Now I don’t feel like a spectator in life’s tide, but a part of it, a contributor to the community.  These are a few things I am finding to be crucial to my survival as a young adult.

  1. Organization.  I have recently discovered the  power of the calendar. Let me get one thing straight. Organization is not my forte. Ask any of my friends. I have struggled with this area of my life for years. Yet once I finally accepted my struggle, is when I began to change. I now can’t live without my calendar and the little basket that sits by my apartment door, in which I drop my keys, phone, and wallet when I get home. It’s the little stuff that helps me stay organized and on track.
  2. Good money management skills. I will admit I don’t quite have this one down. I have some guidelines that I follow to keep myself on track. I call it the three point money saving rule ( 50% savings, 40% expenses such as insurance, phone, and clothes etc.. and lastly 10% tithe). I do my best to follow this guideline, yet I don’t always succeed.
  3. A team-oriented mindset. Being able to communicate with my family, coworkers, friends, and boss. I found this to be really important. Not only to just to communicate but, to do it tactfully, with grace and intelligence. It is hard as a teen to be viewed as a valuable contribution to the workforce. Yet if you can ace the communication piece, I have found that there are many intelligent and grown up conversations in my life. Even if you are struggling to figure out this whole adult thing here is a secret, THEY DON’T HAVE TO KNOW!
  4. Challenging my faith, and applying it to the daily life. This one is tough. Rolling out of bed, picking up the word of God and spending the quality time with Him is harder than it sounds. Yet I have found that if I practice discipline, and keep my mind on the things that truly matter, it does not seem like such a chore, but a blessing.  Spending time with God every day, and getting into his word is more valuable, and worthwhile than anything else that I could ever accomplish, even on my most productive day.

I have only listed a few of the things that I am realizing about being an effective, and helpful adult. Yet all of these work together so well. I need organization, to have good money management, a team-oriented mindset, and a growing faith. All of these points can be connected to each other in some way. So there you have it. Reflections from an eighteen year old who is figuring out that being an adult is about so much more than herself.





9 Replies to “Thoughts on Being An Adult From An Eighteen Year Old”

  1. Great post! Your right about it being hard to carve out time to spend with God. How come it’s so easy to get up and exercise with that same time, instead of read you Bible? I’ve got to prioritize!


  2. this describes exactly the way I felt when I was young, the have your own car, get a boyfriend have all of the freedom that sort of thing.
    that is really great tips, I will keep them in mind. thanks for the great post!!


  3. Great reflection! It is only beginning. It is important to think maintain your joy or how ppl say happiness. I mean joy because joy manifests presence of of the Holly Spirit. It is important to think if your glass half empty or full. Because when you get in your life a child or twins, then your responsibilities will shift and quadruple. Always keep in touch with God and you can do anything.


  4. I enjoy your writing Liana. Your passion for life is evident as is your honest and transparent personality. I am looking forward to reading about your next adventure.

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