I thought teaching fitness would be easy

OTRAS (3)Well, folks, I have taught Pilates for one and a half months. I guess there are several things that I did not expect or anticipate about teaching. So, I put them all down on my blog for your enjoyment and reading pleasure.

  1. I am not the perfect teacher.  When I thought about teaching I envisioned myself in brightly patterned yoga pants walking down the hallway. I would be crowned with perfectly done hair, and have my yoga mat slung over my shoulder. However, I have come to realize that teaching in not necessarily a glamorous affair. It involves a lot of sweat, some frustration, and a lot of satisfaction. When I accept the fact that I am human, it becomes easier to accept my flaws and enjoy being the determined, driven Pilates teacher and woman God made me to be.
  2.  There is not automatic attendance. Like a blog where it takes some time to build followers it will take time to  build my attendance and loyal class participants. I find that for many of the local class attendeess, Pilates is a new field.  They are often eager and curious the first day of class.
  3. Not everyone likes it..some have been pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the class style. While others find it to be boring or too slow paced. At first this scared me, and I ended up putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself. However, people will come as they please. I cannot force anyone to come to my class, or to love Pilates.
  4. The job requires some organization. Let’s not forget to point out that I am not an organized person, at least not naturally. Over the past month, I have left the house without my only source of music(the laptop), the charger chord, and had to rush home to grab it, beating the time before class starts. IT SUCKS. Not only has forgetting things been a struggle, but I have come to live with the constant fear that I will sleep in, or my alarm will not go off for my 7:00 AM class.
  5. It requires commitment- like any job It needs a lot of  discipline and commitment. Teaching five times a week is draining, to say the least. Yet even when I don’t feel like getting up at six in the morning and driving to teach class, I am constantly reminded of my passion for this job and the love I have for the great people I teach. In each little mistake I make and each fumbling word, I find peace and assurance that Christ is in control of every situation, and that I am here not for myself, but for His glory and honor.

So that is this weeks post folks. I have and continue to learn so much through each situation and struggle. It really is a learning curve.  I am curious to see how I balance college and work in the coming months. Thanks for reading.



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