Getting certified In Intermediate Pilates


This past weekend I packed my bags and journeyed down to Philadelphia PA for my training. I was really anxious and worried, to say the least, especially because the first training was so hard for me. (I was not well prepared).

I have never been a quitter; it is not in my blood. In fact, I remember times where I kept pushing through something to the point of embarrassment, because I would not give up. It is a weird quality to possess, although I have found it extremely beneficial to my Pilates education.

Anyway, my training was held at a small, and beautiful studio in Philly. I arrived around 3:00 pm, and we began the training soon after.  It was much in the same format as my first training. However, the material was not new. I had taken time over the weekend to practice and memorize different things, such as order and the beginner teaching formula. On Sat things got harder, but I found myself having fun and enjoying the learning process.

The class was small with only two people. However, I was thankful for the small, intimate  group. It gave our instructor time to really zero in on our weakness, and help us get better.

On Sunday, we did some drills and had our test out after lunch. All went smoothly, and we were free to leave two hours early.

So, my thoughts? Once again Power Pilates crushed it with their curriculum and wonderful teaching formula. I am thankful to all the wonderful people who I met this past weekend. They had nothing but the kindest words, and support to share. I am truly humbled by Gods blessing and goodness in my life, and am looking forward to the future trainings to come.



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