Coconut Oil Hair Treatment (The Christmas Beauty Series #1)

Hello, to all my lovely readers. Today I have a special announcement to share with all of you. In honor of the season, I have decided that every three days (up until Christmas). I will post a favorite beauty treatment/recipe. I am calling it…Christmas 102.jpg

For today’s post, I decided that I would share a  hair treatment recipe using Coconut Oil. Coconut oil deeply conditions your hair, hydrating the dry and broken ends, and replenishing all your natural oils. In this recipe there is only one ingredient… you guessed it Coconut Oil!!!! Let’s dive in shall we?coconut Oil.jpg

What you will need

  • Bowl
  • plastic bag/scarf
  • a pot
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 30 to 40 minutes
  1. Start by melting your coconut oil in a pan until liquid.
  2. Massage into hair using your finger tips. (I suggest wearing an old shirt for this step as coconut oil is hard to get out of clothes.
  3. Wrap hair up with a plastic bag, or a towel and leave it in your hair for 30 to 40 minutes. (The longer you leave the coconut oil in the better of a treatment you will achieve. I have even left it in overnight before). Below is a picture of my hair all ready to be wrapped up in a towel. PC090020.JPG
  4. Lastly rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo (because the coconut oil is really oily). I sometimes have to wash it twice or three times in one shot). It is all worth it though!!!!
  5. I then will let my hair air dry, and BAM!!! you are all done the result? Hot, Silky, Rich Tresses. 

Now go make that hair GLOW!






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