Four tips for organizing your life

If any of you know anything about me I am not a very organized person. It is almost a miracle that I have been able to make it throughout two whole semesters of College without missing some large assignment. I have tried multiple different ways of organizing my life. Some have worked and some have not. I wanted to share some of the different things that a naturally chaotic person uses to calm and bring a sense of order to their life.

  • A key basket- I use one of those small crates that I found at Dollar Tree. I keep it by the door so that the minute I get home, I can drop my keys in the basket and forget about it. I also keep my phone charger by it, so that my phone and my keys stay together.
  • A sticky note wall calendar- This is my newest favorite. I was trying to use the cute little planners and I just kept forgetting about them. There was a point in the semester when I realized that I needed to to get myself together. I was starting to drop details and assignments were closing in on me. So I took some poster board and made a calendar; here is how I did it.
  1. Find some poster board and a pack of sticky notes.
  2. Draw the parallel lines downwards and crosswise, creating the calendar pattern.
  3. Write the days of the week at the top.
  4. Pull out your sticky notes, add the name of the assignment, and the date it is due.
  5. Place it in the proper square of your calendar and remove when the assignment is completed.

An important aspect of this calendar is to not write anything permanent on the poster board itself. Instead, focus on writing everything on removable sticky notes, so that you can reuse the calendar again and again.

  • 10 minute pickups- These have become a life saver for me. I am always leaving a trail behind me. When I focus on doing a short clean up every day, it keeps my messiness under control, and gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Lists- of course, everyone makes lists, right? I love lists. If I could I would make a list for every possible thing. My favorite part of a list is that you can check things off, and complete it. Try making a list for your ten minute pick up for instance.
  1. Take clothes up to laundry (2 min).
  2. Pick up bedroom floor (6 min).
  3. Take out the trash (2 min).

Check, check, and check. Once again organization was not my thing. However, I find that striving to live an organized life is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.

“You gotta eat right, you gotta have healthy habits, you know, and balance out your decadence with a healthy lifestyle during the day.” – Talib Kweli 



4 Replies to “Four tips for organizing your life”

  1. I love the wall calendar! You are so smart! Fortunately, in my school, all the tests and quizzes are always do on the same day of the week every time! But, if they weren’t, this would be on my wall asap!

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