Hiking in Vermont part 1

This past weekend I went hiking in Vermont with several friends of mine. We climbed Mt. Mansfield on the first day and Madonna Peak on the second day. It was breathtaking and the weather could not have been more perfect.

The drive up was a little rainy!

We drove through the Adirondacks on our way up and it was so beautiful even in the rain. It probably rained 90% of the time, but when we arrived at Vermont it seemed to stop. Our total driving time was about 9 hours.

Our lunch spot

I forgot the lettuce for our salad so we ended up eating rice, avocado, and canned tuna without the dressing or lettuce. It still tasted really good!!!

The girls enjoying fermented jun

We met up with my cousins Kristi and Mindy around 5:00 and set up camp. The rest of the group arrived a little later. That night we made burgers with grain free hamburger buns.

The Hike

We started out to hike Mt. Mansfield around 10:30 am Saturday morning.


Nearing the top of the mountain…


At the top




“In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.” Psalm 95:4

The smell of the pines, the fresh cool air, the world below, this is where I am happiest, this is where I am free. Pictures can not do the view justice..

Our hike down went smoothly and we ended the day by jumping in the ice cold stream and running to the showers. Dinner was a box of gluten free lentil noodles and paleo hot chocolate.

That evening we gathered around the fire with our group and held devotions. The theme was a journey, focusing particularly on the book of Proverbs. It made me think about how we as Christians are on a journey. If you have ever read Pilgrims Progress, the main character, Christian, is taken through many different trials, where he must stay on the straight and narrow path and strive to live a life devoted to Christ. It is amazing how similar our lives are to that of a simple hike. I think if I took anything away from this past weekend it would be a better understanding of the Christian walk.



PS. Part two coming soon!!



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