“Mile 445” Book Review


Mile 445 Hitched in her Hiking Boots is a thoughtful, exhilarating memoir. The book follows the true story of Claire, a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and managed to find love along the way.

This is what I thought of it.

The story starts out with Claire, a young single woman getting off the plane at her destination and preparing to start her epic hike the next day. She is confronted with many different feelings as she prepares at the trail angel’s house. As she begins her journey it does not take to long until she begins to suffer from blisters. But she also makes some friends and enjoys getting to know everyone.

As the story progresses she begins to become friends with a young hiker nicknamed  Big Spoon and they grow close as the trail progresses. Along with their growing relationship comes the drama of human nature involving past relationships and uncertainty. Claire struggles to comprehend what she is beginning to feel for Caleb, aka Big spoon. He asks her to marry him and she agrees. They get married at mile 445 in their hiking boots. The rest of the story follows them, as they struggle to adjust to married life on the trail, and overcome dehydration, hunger, and extreme temperatures.


Claire and Caleb do not end up finishing the trail; instead they realize that they have started to hike purely out of obligation, to make each other happy, or to be able to simply say that they finished. They decide to forfeit the mission after much painful thought and torment on Claire’s side especially.

What was my favorite part of the book? My favorite part was how Claire (the author) described the people she met. I almost felt like I knew them personally.

What was my least favorite part? The book did contain some swearing, but she was simply sharing reality with her readers.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would recommend for older readers who enjoy a thrilling story that involves lots of adventure and some romance.

Claire’s blog- https://www.clairehenleymiller.com/

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