Is It About the Calories, or the Blessing?

I know that thanksgiving can be a scary holiday for some of us. After all our culture has told us that it is all about the Turkey, Decor, and Apple Pie, but is this true?

Statistics say that the average person will eat 4500+ calories on thanksgiving day alone. I recently read an article stating that this is the one holiday that stems completely around food, but I beg to differ. What If we had absolutely nothing to eat on thanksgiving, would our holiday be ruined, or would we be able to focus on the little that we do have. Obviously food is an important and yummy part of this special day, however, Its not all about the food. 

I have started to implement time to be thankful each day. I find that when I sit down and really think about all that I have been given, it can not only change my mood, but my perspective on life. The very fact that I have a job is a blessing, the very fact that I am married to a good man is a blessing, and the very fact that I have a warm bed to sleep in is a blessing. Even though this can be hard to do with all the stress, and complications of life. It is really important to take time to reflect and find joy in the bounty around us. 

On thanksgiving we enjoy lots of special dishes, and yummy flavors that only come once a year. We also spend time with people that we love, and share in the joys, and sorrow of the past year. I want to focus on that this thanksgiving and not on how many calories are in my sweet potato.  Lets both think about the verse below for a bit. 

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Colossians 3:15

So my friend go forth, enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat good food (find peace in the fact that food is a part of fellowship this day), enjoy deep conversation, and be grateful for everything you have been given. 





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