Hello Beautiful People,

Welcome to my little blog. 

Here is a little about me, and why I decided to start a blog in the first place.

First of all I have a passion for Health and Fitness. I am a Pilates teacher, and Barre instructor living in Central PA. I adore simple, low impact fitness, that gently tones the Body. 

Second of all, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and strive to live a life that points back to Him, in every way.  

Third, I am a Wife, striving to learn how love my husband more each day. 

Lastly, I love nature, gardening, fermenting food, and cooking healthy food. 

I created this blog as a place to share my simple life with you. I want to document this journey called life, and all the adventures that I embark on. I hope that you will follow along, and share this beautiful journey with me. 






Credit: Carissa Troxell Photography 
Grand Teton National Park!